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Scottish wildcats

Scottish Wildcat Gallery a place to buy wildcat art of various kinds, with a percentage of sales going to conservation
Wildcat Haven the leading Scottish wildcat conservation project in the West Highlands
Scottish wildcats group on Flickr lots of photos of wildcats and hybrids mostly from wildlife parks, you can browse some of the images below;

Other feline websites and organisations

Campaign Against Canned Hunting fighting the repugnant practice of canned hunting
Cat Action Treasury working to save all species of felines worldwide
Cats Protection helps all cats and takes many ferals out of the wild
Feline Conservation Federation conserving and improving welfare for all wild felines
Fishing Cat Working Group the effort to save the World's most endangered small cat, the wonderful fishing cat.
International Cat Care great organisation improving feline health and welfare
International Society for Endangered Cats Canadian organisation spreading awareness of all wild cat species
Lynx UK Trust the project for reintroduction of lynx to the UK
Small Cat Conservation Alliance bringing much needed attention to small wild cat species
SOS Lynx working to save the world's rarest cat species the Iberian Lynx
Wild Cat Conservation Legal Aid Society ending feline exploitation through legal action
Wildcats Magazine a Dutch webzine full of information about all wild cats
Wild Felid Advocacy Center doing great things for all wild cat species

Other conservation and animal websites

Anti Snaring Campaign the campaign to ban snares across the UK
Habitat environment and conservation news site
IUCN Cat Specialist Group the IUCN/SSC group dedicated to wild felines
Mongabay exceptional reporting and news on environment and conservation worldwide
Sea Shepherd uncompromising conservation for the marine environment
Trees for Life rebuilding the Caledonian Forest; with an excellent wildcat article
Vincent Wildlife Trust supporting a range of UK mammal wildlife

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