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We like to help people learning more about Scottish wildcats and can provide answers to most questions for press, ecology researchers and the general public, however please note that we do not provide work experience, voluntary or student placements of any kind; this is purely an information website, not a charity, fieldwork project or formal organisation.

If you would like to work with wildcats it is best to contact wildlife parks or the Wildcat Haven project directly. The Save the Scottish Wildcat website is a privately funded independent effort to provide up to date and scientifically accurate information on Scottish wildcats and efforts to conserve them to the general public and conservation sector.

Wildcat Haven Enquiries

For enquiries specific to the Wildcat Haven project and organisation please contact them directly at;

Press Enquiries

For press enquiries such as fact checking on Scottish wildcats or commentary on news stories please contact us at;

Picture Desks

We can provide access to a small library of Scottish wildcat photos to accompany news stories, mostly shot in captivity emulating the wild, via the media e-mail above. For a wider choice of images including cats in wild settings we recommend Laurie Campbell or Terry Whittaker.

Everything Else

For anything else, drop us a line and if we can't help we'll pass you on to someone who can;


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