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About Save the Scottish Wildcat...

The Save the Scottish Wildcat website project aims to provide frank, factual and up to date information on the Scottish wildcat and conservation efforts surrounding it.

Over the past decade considerable research has gone into the species, often superceding old research, and varied interests have offered often contradictory information to the general public for various reasons. The combined effect is that there is a great deal that is misunderstood about Scottish wildcats and the situation they currently find themselves in.

The information gathered on this website represents the latest in scientific understanding gathered directly from researchers, ecologists and other experts working in Scottish wildcat conservation.

We also seek to encourage support of the Wildcat Haven project, a comprehensive fieldwork conservation action plan with the support of leading conservationists, naturalists, scientists and the local communities it works alongside in the West Highlands of Scotland.

This website is maintained by Felid, a section of arts and media company Coffee, dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation and welfare projects, in particular those relating to wild cats.

Educators and researchers are very welcome to quote from or cite this website in any research projects, however please note that all photography is © the respective photographers unless otherwise noted and those photographers must be contacted directly for permission to utilise their images in any way for web, print or any other media.

The Save the Scottish Wildcat website is not a charity and cannot accept donations or provide voluntary or employment opportunities; we recommend directing your interest to the Wildcat Haven project, follow the links on every page to make contact with them directly.

Website history

The original scottishwildcats.co.uk website was set up in 2001 by Allan Paul; a Highlander with a fascination for wildcats who voluntarily took on the job of rebuilding a captive breeding program from his back garden. Retiring from wildcat conservation in 2008, Allan passed the website to filmmaker Steve Piper who was setting up the Scottish Wildcat Association charity at the time (you can find more information about these historical efforts in the Conservation section of this website).

Steve's company, Coffee, took on ownership of the domain and built and maintained a website for the Association until 2014 when the SWA wound down to pass the reigns to the Wildcat Haven organisation. By this time Coffee were regularly involved in supporting feline conservation and welfare projects and decided to rebuild the SWA website as a pure education and information resource.

Scottish wildcat conservation by SNH and the Scottish Government

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